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Setting Up Your RC Helicopter Cyclic Controls

Getting the collective pitch right is a key step in your RC Helicopter Assembly


We have listed the basic steps for setting up a collective pitch helicopter:

Step 1: The Transmitter

Choose 'new model' or reset to factory defaults.
Ensure that all travel adjusts are at 100 percent, trims are neutral, with no subtrim, and all mixes are off.
Enter in the pitch and throttle curves.

Step 2: Helicopter

Flip on the transmitter and receiver.
adjust collective stick to 1/2.
Look for proper servo direction; forward cyclic input should angle the swash plate forward, right aileron input should angle the swash plate towards the right and increasing collective should increase the blade pitch.
You must center all servo arms by putting the arm on servo output shaft in different orientations until you achieve as close to 90 degrees to the pushrod as possible.
Set the pushrods so the mixing arms and swash plate are at the same level and the swash plate is centered in its travel.
Set the travel adjusts so that the highest number of throws are achieved for aileron and elevator inputs.
Set the travel adjusts so that maximum collective travel is accomplished.
Proper travel adjusts should be at least 90 percent; if this is not the case, then you need to move the pushrod farther out on the servo arm.
Input any of the dual rates or exponential Values that you are hoping for.

Step 3: Keep any eye out for for any binding in the cyclic travel.

**Note: For helicopter pilots who are new to this, reducing the cyclic control throws by approximately 1/2 of the maximum is highly recommended. Once this happens, the helicopter will be easier to hover and less sensitive. You can accomplish this by using the radio to reduce the travel adjusts. Once the pilot becomes an expert, it is just a matter of escalating the throws to their complete value.

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