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Mounting Your RC Helicopter Gyro Correctly

Don't Overlook The Importance of Installing Your RC Helicopter Gyro Properly


  Similar to radio equipment, the RC Helicopter gyro must be protected from the effects of vibration. Most of the time, double-sided foam servo-mounting tape is used to attach the gyro to the helicopter. In order for the tape to adhere properly, the intended surface must be cleaned thoroughly;  but the use of foam tape has some disadvantages.

  Double-sided tape creates a very strong bond; should you ever want to remove the gyro, it would be necessary to cut the foam tape apart.  Not an easy task.   A sticky residue is left on the case of the gyro as well as on the mounting surface. Apply a few strips of 3M Magic Tape to the RC helicopter and the  helicopter gyro case to stop this from occurring. The servo mounting adheres excellently to the 3M tape, but when you want to get rid of the surface residue that the foam tape leaves behind, you just have to peel off the Magic Tape. This not only keeps your helicopter and gyro looking neat and tidy, but it also serves to hold the gyro securely in position.

  Several drops of thin CA glue can also help make the bond stronger, especially if your tape is old and has lost some of its stickiness or the surface to which you plan to attach your gyro is not totally clean. Be sure that you have a layer of 3M Magic Tape down first before you apply the CA.

  Attach any of the gyro's on/off or sensitivity adjustment switches far away from the exhaust system and in a location that will be easy to reach when the helicopter's canopy is in place. They should be easily accessible, particularly at times when the engine is engaged.

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