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Lithium Polymer Battery LiPo Storage

LiPo Batteries are expensive.  Store them properly to extend their life.


There are many specific things that you can do to achieve long-term LiPo storage that will extend the life of your battery pack.

The storage method of the packs probably has the biggest effect on prolonging their lifespan.

Do not allow the batteries to experience extreme temperatures, like those found in a storage shed, or car trunk; instead keep them somewhere that is dark and cool.

Never allow a battery to stay directly in the sun or near another heat source, as this will kill a battery quickly.

Just as heat is detrimental to the pack, allowing them to freeze will also damage them to the point where they are unusable. A refrigerator is a good place to store your packs because it can be set to stay between 40 and 45 degrees; just be sure to use a different refrigerator where you don't store food. Before you use or charge the batteries, let the packs come to room temperature.

LiPo batteries do self-discharge, although they do so at very slow rates; eventually they do lose their charge.

Packs that fall under 2.5 volts per cell or die completely can be harmed beyond repair and become unusable. Be sure to never store discharged batteries for a long period of time.

Furthermore, refrain from storing a battery that has been charged because the cells will move and erupt at different rates, and the pack will become unbalanced.

If you do not have a balanced cell you will eventually see them drift apart after each charging session.

Instead, have a 'storage charge' of 3.85 volts before placing the battery in storage. This will give the cell enough voltage to be stored for long periods of time, if needed. This type of battery cell discharges at a consistent rate and have a better balance of power during use.

When the time is right for the charge and discharge cycles to begin, the battery pack will begin the cycle in balance, and this will result in better performance.

Another great thing about the 3.8SV charge is that it continues to offer sufficient storage prior to the pack reaching the low-voltage minimum of 2.5 volts per cell.

Since it is easy to forget when you've last charged a particular battery pack, you could benefit by labeling batteries with the date and level of charge.

When charging the battery for the first time after getting it out of storage, charge it at 2C until fully charged. This helps to keep the cells in balance because they are brought up at a slower pace.

If you follow proper suggestions for care and storage of your LiPo batteries, you can extend the life of your battery pack, giving you peak performance with lots of e-power.

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