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Using a Cell Spy LiPo Battery Voltage Tester

Know the cell voltages of your LiPo Battery

Thanks for purchasing a Common Sense RC Cell Spy Plus -the 
most convenient way to check the balance and voltage of your 2  6 "
cell Lipo packs. Larger packs can be checked as well. 


This unit will read the individual voltages of the cells in your Lipo pack. It has 
2.5 mm pin spacing, which is used by Common Sense RC as well as almost 
a other Lipo manufacturers. If your battery pack has 2mm spacing (used by "
Thunder Power and CePro) you will need to use our Part# TP2UB adapter
to convert the spacing to 2.Smm. 
To use your Cell Spy Plus with a 2-6 cell Lipo pack, 
simply plug it into the balance connector of your battery 
pack, being sure to connect the negative port on your 
balance connector to the negative pin of the Cell Spy 
Plus (the negative pin is the one furthest to the right of 
The unit will power up and begin displaying voltages from your pack. Allow 
about 6 seconds for the voltage reading to stabilize when you connect to a 
The display cycles through the individual cell voltages. The first number on 
the display indicates which cell is being checked. The next three numbers 
show that cell's voltage. See below for examples.


Cell Indicator Cell Voltage   Cell Indicator Cell Voltage   Cell Indicator Cell Voltage
1. 4.20   2. 4.19   3. 4.18
(cell 1)   (cell 2)   (cell 3)
To test packs with more than six cells, simply start at the negative port on the 
balance plug, and once you have checked the first six 1-7, 
move the checker up the balance plug so that pin 1 on the checker is 
plugged into port 7 on the balance plug. Repeat as necessary, moving the 
checker six pins up each time. 
When you're done checking voltages, be sure to disconnect the Cell Spy to 
prevent it from slowly discharging your pack. 
V1: 4-09-08