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90% Assembled Carbon Fiber Kit G-203910
CNC Head
CNC Tail
Plastic Blades
Decal Sheet
Painted Fiberglass Canopy
Gaui Brushless Motor (4800kv)
Brushless ESC (12amp)
Assembly Instructions

Recommended Setup:
Cyclic Servos: Hitec HS-45's
Tail Servo: Hitec HS-5083 or Futaba S-3154
Gyro: Hitec HG-5000 Gyro with 5083 Digital Servo
Receiver: 6 Channel Micro Receiver
Battery: Hyperion 7.4V LVX 800 mAh Lipoly Battery (HP-LVX8002S) or equivalent (Motor & pinion are geared for 7.4V).


  • Overall length: 415mm (including cabin & canopy)
  • Main rotor diameter: 428mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 100mm
  • Motor: KV4800 brushless motor (included)
  • ESC : 12A ESC (included)
  • Flying weight: 230g ~ 250g (It may vary according to size of a battery pack and R/C gears.)
  • Main rotor blades: SP Blades(included) or Wooden(option)
  • Flying duration: 7~8 minutes with 7.4v/800mah Li-Po battery

I own and fly a belt driven Gaui Hurricane 200 G-203910 and offer the following summary of my experience maintaining it.

Ease of Assembly:  Goes together easily.  Like most of the ARF Heli's on the market today, the small bits are put together for you, and not much is left but to install the radio and set up the gyro.

Replacing the main shaft:  A typical repair after a crash is to replace a bent main shaft.  The Gaui Hurricane 200 makes this easy to complete.  There are no critical dimensions to measure out prior to tightening down on the shaft collars.  Set screws are easy to access and robust enough that you are not forever stripping out micro allen head screws.

Replacing the main drive gear:  Another typical repair after a crash.  The pinion gear on the drive motor spins without the blades turning and grinds the plastic gears off of the main drive gear.  Easier to repair than most helis of this size.  Once you pop off the servo linkages and remove one shaft collar, you can slip the old gear out.  The hardest thing to do is to wind the tail drive belt back on to its pulley.  Your G-203910 will arrive with a two piece drive gear which allows the tail rotors to spin during auto-rotations. 

Replacing the tail rotor shaft:  The Gaui Hurricane 200 has a robust tail assembly that is uncharacteristically tough for a micro heli.  I have had a number of crashes that took out the main rotors but didn't touch the tail assembly.  I have also crashed and bent the rear tail drive shaft.  The replacement process is slightly more complicated than changing out a main rotor shaft in my opinion, but not nearly as fussy as some of the micros that seem to require a jewelers touch (and tools) to work on.  Setting the belt tension is easy to maintain.

Replacing the flybar:  Easier than most.  You will spend more time insuring that the paddles and the flybar weights are spaced equally from the shaft center than you will working the actual mechanics of removing the old one and putting the new one in.

Replacing the spindle shafts:  When you have a bad enough crash that the blade grip remains attached to the broken rotor blade that is now some distance from the heli, you will need to replace the spindle shaft G-203849 for $3.50 or replace the entire main rotor yoke G-203646  for $18.95.  Think of the spindle shaft as the tube that the rotor grip screws thread into.  This is major pain to replace.  You will have to drive a 1.3mm pin out of the main rotor yoke to free up the old spindle shaft for replacement.  I found the easiest way to remove this press fit pin was to use a miniature puller from Micro-Tools Gear Puller .  It's not cheap at $24.95, but to replace the main rotor yoke at $18.95 a pop, the tool pays for itself reasonably quickly.  There are several places on the Guai 200 where a 1.3mm pin is used;  fortunately the flybar is 1.3mm and can be cut and put into service where a 1.3mm pin is called for (such as the phasing wires coming out of the base of the rotor yoke.  I lost both of mine at one point).

Wondering where to get replacement metric screws that got bent up during that last crash?  You can get socket head screws as small as 1.6mm (M1.6) there for a surprisingly low cost.  Start here: Metric Screws


How I set my Gaui Hurricane 200 up.  I used a Spektrum DX7 radio with the components below.  If you are interested in a Hyperion charger as part of your purchase, contact us and I will help you determine which one would be best for your needs.

Here is the set-up I used for my own Gaui Hurricane 200:

Item Description Quantity Comments
Servos HITEC HS-45HB MICRO SERVO W/KARBONITE GEARS 3 These servos have survived numerous crashes which took out the blades and in one case the blade grip screws on both blade grips.  They fit the frame perfectly, and wires are long enough to connect to the receiver without extensions.
Gyro for tail Servo GAUI GU-210 HEADING HOLD GYRO 1 This is a rock solid gyro that is a breeze to set up. It was much  easier to set up than the  Futaba GY401 gyro that I have on my T-Rex 600.  Fits perfectly on the Guai Hurricane 200 Gyro platform.
Tail Servo HYPERION ATLAS DS 11 GCB FULLY PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL SERVO 1 Plenty of speed and all the power you will require.  No problems whatsoever with this tail servo.  Fits the rudder servo mounts perfectly.
Battery HYPERION G3 CX 0850 MAH 2S 7.4V 25C/45C LIPOLY PACK 1 I bought 3 of them.  These batteries can charge at a 4 Amp rate (5C) which takes about 17 minutes, less if you only charge them to a 95% total capacity.
Battery Charger HYPERION EOS0615I DUO III-DUAL PORT ALL IN ONE CHARGER & BALANCE 1 If the Gaui Hurricane 200 is your only RC Helicopter, you don't need a charger this big.  I bought  it since I fly everything from the Gaui 200 through the T-Rex 600 which has a massive 22.2volt 5000mah battery and often I charge two mixed packs at once.
Battery connectors (male) JST Male Connector with wire 3 You will need to solder these connectors to the leads on your batteries to be able to connect your batteries to the ESC.  You don't need the larger Deans Connectors.
Battery connectors (female) JST Female Connector with wire 2 These go on the out put of your charger if you don't have them already.

These parts are totally optional, but having flown the Gaui Hurricane for several months now, with several crashes, I'm well informed as to what you ought to consider right from the start.  We offer you the opportunity to pick these spares up at a discount when you place your order for the Gaui 200 Hurricane.

Item Description Suggested Quantity Retail Price Each Crash Kit Price Each w/ Heli Comments
Spindle shafts, also known as feathering shafts.  This is the tube, where the bolt that hold the blade grips screw into. HURRICANE 200 SPINDLE SHAFTS PACK FOR MAIN ROTOR YOKE G-203849 2 Packs $3.50 $2.95 When you crash hard, the blades sometime stay connected to the blade grips, and either the bolts that hold the grips to the rotor break off inside the spindle shaft, or the spindle shaft itself breaks in two.  These come two to a pack, and require pushing out a press fit pin to replace.
This is the tube that connects the tail assembly to the main frame of the Gaui 200 Helicopter. HURRICANE 200 SILVER ANODIZED TAIL BOOM PACK (BELT VERSION)  G-203192 1 Pack of 2 $3.50 $2.95 These come two to a pack.  When you crash, the blades often strike the tail tube (on any RC Helicopter).  These are cheap, get a package.
These are plastic ball links that connect the fly-bar to the blade grips.  They are very unique in that the links are at 90 degrees to each other HURRICANE 200 DOUBLE LINK SET G-203328 3 packs $1.95 $1.67 These are perhaps the weakest link on the entire Gaui 200 Helicopter.  Typically the link on the flybar splits after a heavy landing.  You don't want to run out of these, as they are unique to this RC helicopter.
This is the main shaft that drives the rotor blades. HURRICANE 200 MAIN SHAFT PACK - QTY 2  G-203222  3 packs $3.95 $2.95 These come two the pack.  Your biggest source of vibration after a crash will be a slightly bent shaft.  The shaft on a Gaui 200 Helicopter is very easy to change out.  You will never get your bent shaft straight again, and you don't want other pieces of your RC Helicopter to fail due to the vibration of a bent shaft.
This a package that contains the screw and the ball piece of a ball joint that goes anywhere you have a ball joint on your Gaui 200 HURRICANE 200 METAL LINKAGE BALL PACK (3.5 MM WITH NECK) G-883503 1 Pack $2.95 $2.40 These come 10 to a pack.  Here is why you want these.  Not so much for the balls, but for the screws.  The screws are M1.4 screws which are tough to find on the internet.  They are 10mm long and 1.4mm in diameter and are used throughout your Gaui 200.  You will lose one or two due to vibration and will thank me for telling where to find  replacements. 
Your tail rotor has a shaft that connects the tail rotor blades on your Gaui 200 RC Helicopter to the belt that drives it. HURRICANE 200 TAIL OUTPUT SHAFT SET 17T     G-203123 (comes 2 to a pack) 2 Packs $8.50 $7.15 These come 2 to the pack.  On a hard crash, you will bend the tail shaft, and will discover it when your tail fails to hold the RC Helicopter still, or there is no power due to the tail rotor hanging up.  Continue to fly and you could burn through your belt drive.  Easy to remove, but you might have to play around with the orientation of the tail links to get everything back together right.
Your Guai 200 has numerous, plastic links on it, this package has them all. HURRICANE 200 UNIVERSAL LINKS PACK   G-203326 1 Pack $2.99 $2.09 I have not had many links fail on me, other than the double links noted above.  Still, you need this pack as several of the other links are unique.
These are the plastic main rotor blades. Hurricane 200 SP Main Rotor Blades (200L) Plastic G-203308 2 Pack $8.50 $7.25 I fly my Gaui Hurricane 200 over pavement most of the time, and have found the plastic blades to be very forgiving to power on blade strikes, where the wooden ones would have exploded on contact.  I have had the plastic blades also survive grass crashes.  I do know they will not tolerate being brought sideways into a curb at idle-up.
These are the tail rotor blades. HURRICANE 200 TAIL ROTOR BLADES PACK  G-203080  2 Packs $2.95 $2.50 If you are flying off pavement in particular, these can get nicked up and raggedy fairly fast.  I have not broken one yet, but it seems like a good spare to have.
These are the plastic paddles that thread onto the flybar. FLYBAR PADDLES  G-203110 2 Packs $2.95 $2.50 These come in a pair per pack.  The problem is not so much that the paddles break, it's that the flybar they are screwed onto, often breaks on a crash, leaving a stub of the hardened wire screwed into the paddle and impossible to remove.
This is that thin, hardened rod with the little paddles on it, sitting above your rotors. HURRICANE 200 FLYBAR RODS (QTY 2)   G-203240 2 Packs $2.50 $2.00 Even when you don't crash, it seems these start to get bent up a bit, either through rough handling, or transporting in the trunk of a car.  They do break during a crash, but are easy to replace.  They come two to a pack and you want no less than two packs.
  Big RC Models Specially priced Spares Package for the GAUI HURRICANE 200 PRO CARBON FIBER ARF KIT

This crash kit would normally cost  $84.94 plus shipping

Buy your Gaui 200 Hurricane G-203910 from us, and we'll include this crash kit for $69.95.   Order below as an option.

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List Price: $239.00
Price: $189.95

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